EA INDRAFXSCALPING Robot Forex Scalping New 2018 Profit Over $15000 in a hour

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Here is the New Version of Indrafxscalping EA

My Profile :

Download Link:
EX4 Version (1 User ONLY)
LINK 1 : https://selly.gg/p/3b4b65e5
LINK 2 : http://ow.ly/29h330kOe11

MQL Version (Unlimited with Keygen)
LINK 1 : https://selly.gg/p/151f5d30
LINK 2 : http://ow.ly/zOgl30kOe3r

Q: If you has been profit with the EA, why you sell it ?
A: its No Problem right?? if i can get double profit for it, why not ??

Q: your Expert Advisor is safety ?
A: if you mean about safety Profit/Loss i guaranteed that my EA can be always good like the video, usually problem will come with the Bad Broker that they will not pay your profit with any useless reason

Q: can you give some broker that can i use your EA and pay my profit ?
A: Yes, i will give you about 15 Recomended Brokers that i use it too, and the Broker Pay your profit even if your profit is 10000%

Q: why you block the chart with notepad ?
A: Because my EA work on the chart, i dont want any fake Coder that steal my code and use to Scam other people

Q: I Dont have Bitcoin to use satoshibox, How can i buy the EA ?
A: You dont Have Bitcoin Wallet ? lets google it and make it man, Bitcoin is the most safety escrow in this moment, you can buy Bitcoin via exchanger and download the file directly

Q: I cannot find any Bitcoin exchanger in my country, can i buy with other payment methode ?
A: Okay, you can contact me and buy directly the EA via Perfectmoney, Neteller, and Wire Transfer

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