Free, Standard MT4 MACD Sample Expert Advisor (robot) doubles account with 96% success rate in 2017

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Standard Free MT4 MACD Sample Expert Advisor (FX robot) doubles account with 96% success rate in 2017
Most purchasers of an EA, in our experience, trust the marketer of the EA to supply the best settings for that particular EA.
Set files and default settings will never work for all broker accounts. This is because ONE set of settings could not possibly work for all currencies, all timeframes, all broker account types, all account sizes, all time-zones, all spreads or commission charges, all margin requirements, all daylight savings adjustments, lot size broker policies, price feeds, candle cut off times, broker trading times, trader risk profiles etc.
This lack of optimisation skills by users of EA is very bad for the industry. Typically, a trader will purchase a EA and plug the default settings in – almost predictably make a loss -the trader would then call the supplier a scam and all kinds on other descriptive names. This lowers the whole tone of the industry with most participants having a high level on suspicion and mistrust in EA providers and each other.
To give you an example I have taken the MACD Sample EA provided on every MT4 platform (to my knowledge) and did a basic optimisation process that I would do to evaluate any EA. This process finds the best currency, the best timeframe and most robust settings for a particular EA when used on a very specific broker account. There is no such thing as universal settings for an EA. This process has to be done from scratch for any other broker account for many reasons. So my findings, for instance, cannot be blindly used on a commission only broker using a different time zone time etc.
My Basic evaluation of this EA shows that:
• It was possible to more double your account in the 2017 – See video
• It was possible for this EA to have a 96% success rate – See video
• Income far outweighs losses by 6.86 times – See video
• The EA made over 6000 pips in 2017
• The downside of this EA is that it has a big drawdown – See video

We used the free Forex strategy tester and used the brokers actual data. These test are not 100% accurate as spreads are fixed during the testing and technically the test never represent live account trading. All tests have inherent limitations experienced tester are aware of.
These BASIC and INITIAL tests however provide a great starting point for more advanced testing and live trading evaluations. Obviously there is no guarantee that the setting used in the last 7 months would ever work into the future.
See video (Please note that the settings shown are not for the test done)

The thing about these test is that they represent basic testing most EA users do not even bother about. They are easy to do and don’t take much time at all.
The point of this video is
• To make you aware of the need to develop optimisation skills if you ever want to make lots of money from trading EAs.
• If you have optimisation skills, you can squeeze value out of free and sample EAs. I once traded a free EA that was floating around on the internet as is very profitably because I had optimisation skills. This Free MACD EA is an example of that.
• Also I am not recommending you trade the free MACD EA unless you have made a personal and thorough evaluation on this EA on your own broker account.
Also please note that the currency, timeframe and settings for the above results are not disclosed in this video as it would be dangerous and misleading.
See this article
It would however be very interesting to see if testing gurus can agree or even better my findings. The point of this video is for people to find their own best settings.
If you would like to learn basic optimisation skills or feel you can contribute to the testing of EAs in a meaningful way, please join our mailing list.

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