FTMO Traders journey – from $5000 loss to $15,000 PROFIT | FTMO

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In this new video, we are once again going to take a look at two FTMO Challenges, Verifications and FTMO Accounts. You will get a unique insight into how our traders trade, and we will also review a very interesting account where our FTMO Trader turned almost -$5,000 loss into the $15,000 profit!

Interview with our FTMO Trader Nikita: https://youtu.be/_kKvGHRZEFQ

Interview with our FTMO Trader Holly: https://youtu.be/JQamZENfwYc

Interview with our FTMO Trader Daniel: https://youtu.be/529X4FOdPyU

Interview with our FTMO Trader Michael: https://youtu.be/VT3NQsnxWJk

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Forex Strategy: Leading Vs Lagging Indicators

Forex investors make use of a multitude of data to establish their strategies. One practice that is fairly typical is the use of price-action “indications.” Investors make use of these graph signals to determine where rates are headed, helping them to much better time entries and also exits into professions.

How To Trade Forex For Beginners

Foreign exchange trading is easy, but creating the self-control and also skills essential to trade and correspond in revenues over an extensive amount of time takes years to attain. As a novice in currency trading it is quite regular to have the potential profits as your driving force, but when you delve into the profession without a plan, your opportunities of making at profits continue to be simply hopes and you might never ever be successful. Thankfully, you can constantly obtain a fallen leave from the experts to aid you start with a firm foundation to boost your success rates.

Stop Scratching, Start Scalping! Learn How to Yield Forex Trade Profits

Forex is the worldwide fx market that has acquired significant popularity in the recent years. The market entails acquiring, offering & exchange of significant world money at defined rates. The popularity of automated trading software program has additionally raised significantly in the current times due to the fact that scalping can be extremely challenging & taxing and also it is really natural that many of us are unable to devote ourselves full-time for trading.

Currency Trading – Minimising the Risks

Trading currencies can include considerable threat to your investments as well as to effectively browse the Forex market takes significant know-how. Knowing how to manage the risks is essential and also the most effective method to do this is to obtain off to a great beginning. We looks at numerous crucial elements to think about when proceeding right into the highly profitable world of forex trading.

How to Build Confidence in Forex Trading

All successful money traders share a comparable characteristic. It’s self-confidence. Confident traders are a lot less most likely to 2nd assumption themselves.

Forex Analysis: 3 Currencies That Declined Against the USD in 2015

The U.S. Dollar had a solid year in 2015. The U.S.’s enhancing economic climate as well as consistent job development, as well as the December rates of interest hike by the Federal Reserve, aided the greenback gain in value.

Forex Strategy: What Is Fibonacci Trading?

Lots of day investors use Fibonacci retracement lines to establish entrances as well as departures into the marketplaces, as well as quit loss and take profit targets. Fortunately, the strategy is fairly very easy to recognize, but initially, you’ll intend to find out about the numbers it is based upon.

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