How this FTMO Trader made $21,000 trading Forex? | FTMO

Become our next FTMO Trader and work with an initial balance of up to $200,000:

In this latest video, we have interviewed our FTMO Trader Mohamed.
Mohamed presented his trading strategy and explained his preparations before every trading day. He made $21,000 and he plans to grow his account. Inspire yourself with another success story.

Interview with our FTMO Trader Mohamed:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Osvaldo:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Edward:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Griffin:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Roje:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Eric:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Nikita:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Holly:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Daniel:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Michael:

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Understanding Forex Trading – How to Detect Range Breakout in Forex

A market can not remain in a variety for a long time. Usually, it will appear of a range. When it breaks the range, a brand-new trend begins in the marketplace. Trading range outbreaks is an important trading strategy that tries to maximize these outbreaks in the up or the down direction.

Trading Secrets Revealed – What Is RSI in Forex Trading?

Throughout the years, this RSI sign has been commonly made use of by the investors to trade Foreign exchange, stocks and also commodities and also it has actually kept the test of time. It was presented in 1978 as stated over by Wilder however it still functions. That is because this indication was established by Wilder using sound theoretical principles that were universal in nature. RSI is extensively utilized in divergence trading and produces excellent buy/sell signals!

How To Find A Winning Automated Forex Trading System

If you have any kind of experience in all in the money trading sector, you’ll recognize that automated Foreign exchange trading is among the most popular means to trade about. That’s since it has the capability to aid us conquer our human weaknesses and also give us a much necessary edge in the markets.

Recipe For Forex Trading Success

In order to come to be a successful investor one should obtain over the understanding curve difficulties. It takes some time, commitment and interest. This knowing period is sadly a has to as well as a test to divide the devoted from the remainder that are simply searching for a get rich fast system.

Forex Money Manager – Have You Considered This Option?

The majority of financiers are enticed by the possible and rapid revenues used by the Foreign exchange markets, yet most newbie capitalists often tend to see more losses than earnings within the first three months. This is where a Foreign exchange money manager enters into play as well as assists you to secure your profits.

How Good Are Semi-Automatic Forex Trading Systems?

There’s a fair bit of a movement against automated Foreign exchange trading nowadays, specifically from individuals who really feel that they’ve been bamboozled by the huge hyped up pledges developers have actually made about their systems. Therefore, traders are desperate for a choice, and also it seems that they’ve found one – the “semi automatic” Foreign exchange trading system.

Trading Daily Charts in Forex Is Easier, More Fun And More Profitable!

As a new foreign exchange investor, you might ask this straightforward concern, what is the ideal timeframe for you to begin discovering foreign exchange? The finest timeframe for a new foreign exchange investor is the everyday graph as well as the once a week chart. Swing trading on the daily chart is less stressful and more rewarding.

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