iMoney v6.1 – Profit 650%/3m & Low DD6.9% – 100% win – Best Forex Robot Trading

iMoney v6.1 – Best Forex Robot Trading 100% win
Best Forex EA Trading – no loss.
Copy Right: ★★★ ★★★

★ New Update v6.1:
___✔ Update July & August 2019 market trend.
___✔ Improve risk when there is strong news.

★ Time Zone set (New York time closed MT4):
___✔ Before November 5, 2017, please set TIME_ZONE = 3.
___✔ From November 5, 2017 to March 11, 2018, please set TIME_ZONE = 2.
___✔ From March 12, 2018 to November 4, 2018, please set TIME_ZONE = 3.
___✔ From November 5, 2018 to March 10, 2019, please set TIME_ZONE = 2.
___✔ From March 11, 2019, please set TIME_ZONE = 3.

Pair trading: EUR/USD
Dokascopy Data Tickstory
Backtest time: From 04/15/2019 to 07/13/2019
Deposit: $100
Profit: $650 (650%)
DD: 6.9%
Quality: 99.9% 100% win
Pair trading: AUD/USD
Dokascopy Data Tickstory
Backtest time: From 04/15/2019 to 07/13/2019
Deposit: $100
Profit: $624 (624%)
DD: 8.2%
Quality: 99.9% 100% win
Pair trading: USD/CAD
Dokascopy Data Tickstory
Backtest time: From 04/15/2019 to 07/13/2019
Deposit: $100
Profit: $353 (353%)
DD: 6.4%
Quality: 99.9% 100% win

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►►► Note more iMoney – Best EA Forex Trading:
★ Capital management by Stoploss and Takeprofit:
Stoploss and Takeprofit are shown on the MT4 screen. It is used to prevent risk when the market fluctuations, abnormal fluctuations.
___✔ Stoploss: 60pips
___✔ Takeprofit: 60pips
★ Stoploss and hidden Takeprofit, it will close order when reaching our profit target. Avoid the impact of Brokers on profits.
___✔ Stoploss: 60pips
___✔ Takeprofit: 10pips
★ And usually, the price will go right to Takeprofit before stoploss. So we will be very reassuring.
★ Stoploss here only works to safeguard the account when the market is really moving the wrong trend. And if the market tends to reverse, EA will close orders automatically before touching Stoploss.
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