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This week, we are starting a new educational trading series.

We plan to cover market topics from the very beginning to the level that many viewers will gain comprehensive and extensive knowledge to succeed as traders.

The first episode is called the Introduction to Financial Markets. Enjoy the video prepared by our colleague Peter!

Interview with our FTMO Trader Nikita:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Holly:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Daniel:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Michael:

In this video:
00:00 – Introduction
1:00 – What are the Financial Markets?
1:22 – Financial Markets participants
1:53 – Centralized exchanges
2:38 – Decentralized exchanges
3:00 – Decentralized Market
3:49 – Over the Counter OTC
4:48 – Forex
6:11 – Financial Markets participants Recap

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Forex Strategy: What Is Range Trading?

The value of a money set doesn’t fad in one direction; there is no uptrend or downtrend. Instead, the money set has particular fluctuations over a week or day that are rather predictable. Put simply, the money set’s value zigzags between a high and also reduced. Range trading is a Forex strategy that takes advantage of these normal fluctuations. For example, an array investor first determines a range, and after that might get right into a currency pair at the reduced end of the array and sell when the currency set reaches the luxury of the range. A reverse investor can likewise short the variety, buying in at the high value as well as selling at the low worth.

Learn Forex: What Is Scalping in Day Trading?

Numerous Forex day investors refer to themselves as “scalpers.” However what precisely is scalping in the Foreign exchange market? Below’s a peek. You could be knowledgeable about the term scalper. Ticket scalpers, for instance, acquisition tickets at face worth, and then transform around as well as quickly sell them for slightly even more to transform a rapid earnings. In foreign currency trading, the concept is comparable. Forex scalpers make lots of fast, short-term professions throughout the day with the goal of catching a few pips in revenue off of each trade. Normally, Foreign exchange scalpers stay in settings for very short time-frames, as little as a minute as well as no longer than five. The trick to benefiting is quantity. Utilizing this trading design, scalpers open dozens or even more placements daily, since they’re just scalping a couple of pips off of each profession. The more trades: The even more pips they record.

Forex Trading: Day-Trading Chart Types

Charts are one of one of the most commonly made use of devices by traders to assess rate movement. Yet, there are several kinds, and also in general, traders tend to stick with a certain chart kind to conduct their technical analysis. In basic, charts there are three major kinds of Forex charts: Bar graphes, candle holder charts, as well as line charts. And also, the data is additionally represented by time-frame. For instance, you can select to consider data during numerous various time-frames, including:

5 Differences Between Forex and Stock Trading

One of the biggest misconceptions about international currency exchange is that it’s just like trading supplies. That couldn’t be even more from the reality. Although these two sorts of trading share resemblances in process, the supply and Foreign exchange markets are much different, and each market has its own special quirks. If you’re getting in Forex trading with a history in equities, it is very important to acknowledge these distinctions. The reason: As a result of these differences, the trading styles for supplies and also international money are really various. Right here’s a fast appearance at several of these major distinctions:

Bitcoin Mining In Plain English

In basic terms we can define Bitcoin mining as the process of adding deals to your ledger. The procedure help in validating that adequate computational effort is dedicated to a block. The procedure likewise produces new Bitcoins in each block. To mine you need to have a look at the deals in a block and after that confirm their validity. You must after that choose one of the most current deals in the header of one of the most current block and also place them into the new block as a hash.

Day Trading 101: What Are Forex Orders?

As you start to find out the basics of Forex trading, you’ll need to learn what an order is. In day trading, Foreign exchange orders are used by traders to go into and leave the market, and also they aid offer controls over how professions are put. There are various kinds. Some orders are rules-based, allowing an investor to enter the market when prices are at particular degrees, while others allow traders to enter or exit the market at the existing rate. There are 5 kinds that are almost globally supplied by brokers, in addition to some lesser known profession orders. Beginning day traders have to discover just how each profession order jobs and the circumstances in which each order should be used. Right here’s an appearance at the five most typical:

Is the Dollar Going to Collapse in Value?

There has actually been a great deal of conjecture that the Buck may fall down in value, setting off an also greater monetary situation. This post explores just exactly how most likely that actually is!

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