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Making £37,000 trading Forex when you are barely 20 years old? That seems like a crazy idea for most people, but our FTMO Trader Moyo proves it is an achievable goal for those who put the work in. In this new interview, he shares how he started trading at such an early age, his strategy and much more!

Interview with our FTMO Trader Shivka:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Mohamed:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Osvaldo:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Edward:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Griffin:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Roje:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Eric:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Nikita:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Holly:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Daniel:

Interview with our FTMO Trader Michael:

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